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The Countertenors' Video Page

Listing Pages:
Benjamino Marcantoni
(including Handel and Verdi)
David Warin Solomons
(including some of his own solo songs with classical guitar and a couple of "old time music hall" performances)

Full lists:

Andreas Scholl
Down by the Sally Gardens and Fairest Isle

Gerard Lesne
Salve Regina (Bassani)

Dominique Visse
(in consort - in a French chanson)

Valdemar Villadsen
Ch'io parta? (Handel)
Robin Blaze
Von den Stricken - from Bach's St John Passion
Es ist vollbracht - from Bach's St John Passion

Ian Howell
A selection of videos performed by Ian Howell (Handel, Buxtehude and Purcell)

William Towers
Erbarm Dich mein - Bach

Russel Oberlin (Haute-Contre (not countertenor strictly speaking but similar range)
Widerstehe doch der Sünde - Bach

Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod)

David Daniels

Benjamino Marcantoni
On stage in Italy
Aria from Verdi's Forza del Destino
Dove sei amato bene (from Handel's Rodelinda)

David Warin Solomons
David's YouTube site
Lookin' just lookin' in the personal ads
Asexual Blues

Brian Asawa
Venga Pur (Mozart)
Yazhdu tiebia (Rachmaninoff)
(narrative (in Japanese) and singing coaching)

Michael Chance
Buss und Reu (Bach)
(note for the whole selection of Matthew Passion videos with Michael Chance see this page

Albert Montanez
Que l'heure donc Breve (Massenet)


Matteo Caria Marongiu
A Nice che parte (Farinelli)
Qual Guerriero [section] (R Broschi)

Angelo Manzotti ("il Divino")
Extract from Mozart's Requiem
2nd Extract from Mozart's Requiem
(Interview and samples of singing)
(Interview and samples of singing part 2)

Edson Cordeiro
Singing Queen of the Night, while Cássia Eller sings I can't get no satisfaction (curious culture meld!)
Besa me mucho mix (also using chest voice)
Cold Song (i.e. Purcell's "Cold Genius")

(to compare:)
Klaus Nomi
Cold Song (i.e. Purcell's "Cold Genius")

"Popular style" high male voices

Vitas (from tenor to stratospheric!)
(Many others by Vitas - do a search on YouTube!)

Bulgarian Chalga style performed by Azis with others:
Azis - Ustata - Tochno Sega
Azis and Desislava - Jaduvam

Video Article on the Bulgarian tenor-sopranist Krassimir

Jimmy Somerville - Forbidden Love
Bee Gees - Staying Alive
Klaus Nomi - Total Eclipse

(Note - anyone looking for more Jimmy Somerville, Klaus Nomi, Bee Gees etc - there is too much to list here - a search on YouTube and Google Video will give you a nice selection!)

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